Agneyas Smart Operations

Software, systems and tools for digitising industrial operations and employing data-driven control and management processes to minimise operational inefficiencies, maximise performance and enhance traceability

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Fourth Industrial Revolution is here

Are you ready ?

Future of Manufacturing

Learn how the modern factories are connecting value chains end-to-end, preparing workforce and optimizing processes towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Reimagine the Shopfloor with Industry 4.0


Smart Shopfloor

Monitor and manage your shopfloor spanning multiple sites/areas/lines/cells remotely from a single pane in your web browser

Smart Insights

Gain from the increased visibility and deep insights of real-time data from machines and sensors

Building blocks of Digital Backbone

Digitization is the future. Digital backbone is a set of core building blocks that help you digitize your factory shopfloor.

Avarana Digital Framework

Greatly simplifies development and deployment of digital solutions with unified management of workflows across the edge and the cloud

Avarana Data Fabric

Flexible infrastructure that securely interconnects all your data sources and drives data, insights and action to maximise the impact.

Avarana Vision System

Intelligent machine vision to augment the access control and quality inspection systems to boost overall effectiveness

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